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I like to clean

I like to clean – by Lucee Lovett

“Hola, I’m Miguel the agency sent me. They said you need cleaner.” I stand there as both husband and wife, stare at me curiously. The husband is sizing me up to see if maybe I’m a threat to the relationship between him and his wife. The wife does not hide her admiration of my looks and physique. I feel both are wondering why I’m not a male model instead of cleaner. I know this as this question is put to me every-time.   I answer; I like to clean.

I hear them arguing in next room it is obvious the husband does not want a male cleaner. But I think the wife feel safer with a man cleaner. I feel she is worried – her husband works from home on his books. Maybe she feels woman cleaner is temptation for him. I shake my head, is she not aware; this is the twenty first century. Man woman what does it matter anyway?

I hear her ask who will pay for cleaner, no him. This is obvious as he remains quiet when she says this. I hope they settle things quick.  ‘Time is money,’ they say. I have lots of women, da wait for me.  I provide a special kind of service. I know they like how I clean, because I’m – how you call? ‘Thorough.’ Ah yes that is the right word ‘thorough’ I like the sound it makes.

Their voices is quiet now, I think maybe the husband he back-down. The couple come back to room. The husband he look at me strange. The wife, she smile tell me come tomorrow and start work. She ask me about uniform – I tell I her I have special way I clean; I don’t need uniform.

I start work early, the wife she no home. I get naked and start on my list to clean. The husband he comes out of study. I greet him. “Where are you clothes,” he ask. I work free of garments I tell him.  He looks at my body for long time. His eyes keep going back to my cock. I see that look in his eyes again. He tell me come to his study.

He say Miguel you fuck with man before. “Si I fuck man – I fuck Woman,” before I know, he is on his knees – my cock grows in his mouth. Husband suck cock like pro me-think.  “Your cock is magnificent, fuck my ass.” He is bend on table trousers round ankle. I spit in my hand and rub my cock. “Use this,” he give me lube. I grease my cock then his ass. I show no mercy as I enter him roughly. He cries out then he start to moan and move with me. I ride him hard.

We are stuck like this when wife walks in. I look at wife, but I no stop. Husband tries to move but I hold him steady. I ride him until I come. Wife she beat my back screaming she will call the agency. She says she will make sure, I no work anyone ever again.

I look at her and smile. I release husband to get dress.

“I no need money… I rich man, who like to clean and fuck.”

Just One Wish

I’ve finally finished all my chores for today. Living in a house full of men, sucks. Their expectations is for me to be cook, cleaner and washing machine on auto pilot and still bring home a wage. My life sucks. They just sit around playing their computer games, watching sports, passing wind and shouting orders: Where’s, my dinner, my beer, my socks, the remote – Have you seen my-this or my-that. Don’t men have eyes too?  Sure see good enough to watch the match and play with their toys. One day things are going to be different up in here.

She comes to the lake looking troubled every day. Yet this time it’s different, she looks desperate. Maybe now is the time for me to make my move, break this accursed fate. “Hello my dear,” I called from the concealment of the bushes. I saw fear in her eyes. “Please don’t be afraid, I’m a troll and I live here. I see you every day. Today you look so sad. I had to break my silence.” I saw the fear replaced by curiosity.

“Come out, let me see you!”

“I’m afraid the sight of me may frighten you away. I’m not a pretty sight.”

“Let me be the judge of that.”

“Okay, here goes,” tentatively I moved the branches and step forward. She tried to hide the recoil in her eyes. “It’s fine, I know how people see me that’s why I live here.” Her eyes soften. I see empathy. Moving closer, “tell me what’s wrong.” Years of frustration came pouring out in one afternoon. We met every day for 6 months. Her moaning about her life; me listening.

Finally I pluck up the nerves to tell her, “I can help you change your life.”

“How can you?”

“If you make love to me I can grant you one wish. I can give you a potion that will make the ordeal a lot easier, if you’d like – sorry maybe the thought…”

“No, I’ll think on it.”

Things must have been particularly bad as she came trumping up to me demanding the potion. She was naked in a flash.

Legs wide open, she bawled “come on then what are you waiting for – I want that damn wish.”

Naked cock in hand, my heart soared. The potion was working she was dripping and started without me. Grabbing hold of me with her pussy-juice dripping from her fingers, throwing me to the ground her pussy engulf me I could feel my cock hitting her centre, she rode me like a wild bull. As she rode me hard – I transformed into the man I use to be while she was still on top of me lock in her own pleasure. As the effects of the potion subsided so did her lust.

“You have one wish, use it wisely.”

  • “I thought I wanted to live as a man… Now, I wished you’d marry me and get me the fuck away from this hell-hole.”

Plain Jane

She stared out of her window at the school across the street, it’s that time. The feeling of emptiness inside was overwhelming. She watched as the mothers collected their children from the classrooms.  How happy their little faces appear when they see their mothers.  She noticed a young mother from the corner of her eyes carrying a baby in a harness strapped across her back. Its little hand strokes her face and she smiled down at him then kissed his little fingers every one of them. She sighed; how fulfilling that must be for the mother she mused. If only…

Gazing at her refection, sighing heavily – she declared in earnest she’d sell her soul to be beautiful. Instantly, there’s a knock at the door. It’s a tall-dark-handsome-stranger. “I’m here to accept your offer” he smiled showing perfect teeth, clipboard and contract in hand.

“What offer?”

“Your soul for beauty.”

“I want to be beautiful and irresistible to all men, even you – I want the power to pick, choose and refuse safely without stalkers or hangers on. I want to call the shots without risk to my safety. I want men to admire me and shower me with gifts. Most importantly, I must only be able to copulate with men from the highest gene pool.”

The handsome-stranger yawns “Is that it?”

“No, I want to be able to call you at any time. Now that’s it.”

The contract lists her requests verbatim. Grabbing her hand, he pricked her finger “sign here.”

“But I haven’t read the small print.” A small drop of blood lands on the paper – her signature appeared.

“You can read it now it’s yours,” shoving the page into her hand.

12-months has passed and 98 men. Now financially secured yet she was still not pregnant. She began to think she would never experience life growing inside her or little fingers against her cheeks. She had read the small-print; ‘soul redeemable in 24 months or after seducing100 men which-ever came first – LIFE changes everything.’

Picking up her receiver she dialled 666. The door opened and the handsome-stranger came in “What do you want?”

“I want you to make love to me as if I were your one true love.”

He started to protest but is captivated by her beauty. Naked, he stood before her. He is everything she imagined – rock hard body and generously proportioned. His sweet kisses and warm lips around hardened nipples sent shockwaves throughout her body – she’s wet and ready to receive him deep inside. She begged him to enter, her body hungry for his seed. Locked in his fiery embraces; his orgasm rocks her to the core. She stays motionless in his embrace not wanting the moment to end.

His number on speed dial – she calls him every night for 3 months.

It’s the 24th month. The door opens, it’s the handsome-stranger – there is a debt-to-be-paid.  She is smiling up at him as the child strokes her face. “Say hello to daddy.”

mother and child

Mr Know-It-All

Mr Know-it-all – by Lucee Lovett

“Have you heard the news, him next door has lost his voice – on quiz night too,” I said smiling leaning on the back fence while pointing my head in the direction of the neighbouring fence on the opposite side. “Really! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.” We both laughed at that statement. “I wonder how Mr Know-it-all is going to solve that problem. His wife was over earlier saying he sent her out to buy some kind of New-age remedy. Let’s see how that pans out for him.” We laughed again.

Mr Know-it-all’s wife was tapping frantically at my window. I opened the door and let her in. Her face was smeared from her tears. “I can’t go home if I can’t find that blasted remedy he keeps harping on. I’ve tried everywhere I can think of but no one stocks it. He won’t believe me – tells me not to come back without it. I don’t know what to do!” I told her I’ve heard of this New-age mini-store just outside of town that sells all sorts of herbal remedies. I grabbed my coat and we headed off.

Entering the store, she told the owner Mr Know-it-all’s problem. She was given a package and instructions for use; she quickly read the instructions and smiled. Armed with her purchase she returned home.   Two hours later, she’s at my door with a big grin. “How is Mr Know-it-all? – got his voice back yet?”

“I gave him the package and I told him to read the instructions first,” she said, handing me the instructions which read:

Please read the instructions fully before beginning treatment.

  1. Shave your wife’s pussy.
  2. Wash and rinse the shaved area, concentrating on the areas between her legs.
  3. Find her clitoris and rub continuously until erect, slipping your finger into her pussy periodically.
  4. Smear the content of the sachet over and between the shaved areas.
  5. For maximum effect, ensure you apply a generous amount to her clitoris and G-spot.
  6. Using your tongue lick and suck the cream off all the areas where applied.
  7. Give more consideration to her clitoris while massaging her G-spot.
  8. If done correctly this will cause your wife to orgasm.
  9. Drink every drop, try not to waste any.
  10. With a warm damp cloth wipe the sticky mess off your wife’s pussy.

             You have successfully completed the treatment

Steps 1-10 will surely provide your wife with immense sexual pleasure as the banana and eucalyptus flavoured cream is a natural herbal clitoris and G-spot stimulator.  If you have read the instructions fully you will find the treatment for your lost voice at the back of these instructions. Enjoy.

Mrs Know-it-all continues, “Let’s just say I’m as bald as an egg.”

Close Encounter

Marie sits crossed legged on the bar stool by the bar. Drumming her fingers in silent contemplation.  Her slim shapely legs going all the way up her thigh, making her look much taller than her 5’ 6” – accentuated by her designer 5 inch shiny black leather heels. She looked so beautiful, her gorgeous blond hair glistening in the bar light crowning her head like a halo. She just sat there sipping on her Long Island Ice Tea. It had been a strange night.

She had meet up with her friends from work.  They had all gone out for a meal and decided because it was a Friday night (therefore no work tomorrow), they would go to the new hangout bar called Hypnotik.  She couldn’t remember who’s idea it was to go to Hypnotik but she recalls saying, she would need to check in with her husband first, as he was home babysitting.

Sipping her drink, she wondered how it went so wrong – why was she now here sitting alone and feeling dejected, she hated having confrontations with her husband; but tonight he had gone too far. She almost never goes out with her friends and the first time she tells him she was going to be a little late – as the girls wanted to checkout this new bar, he has a hissy fit. Well dam him she sighs heavily.

The girls have all gone home now but she wouldn’t, she’ll show him – trying to tell her what to do – She was grown and would go home when she was good and ready.  Just then she hears a soft husky voice. “Excuse me ma’am is this sit taken?” Marie looks up into the softest, gentlest brown eyes she has ever known.

“Err no,” she stammered – it’s free, help yourself. She could still see this handsome man in her peripheral vision he was striking and when she breathed him in, his scent was so good – good enough to eat. Her tongue slipped out to moist her lips.  The man turned to her, saying “I hope you don’t think me forward ma’am. I’ve been eyeballing you for about half an hour or more and I had to come over to let you know you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.  So why do you look so down. Oh lord, where are my manners – I’m Jonathan and you are?” Marie stared at him her mouth opening and closing like a fish yet no words came out. She took a sip of her drink and said “hey, do you always approach woman like that?”

“Only the pretty ones,” Jonathan smiles. “So tell me pretty lady what makes your lovely brown eyes blue.” Marie tells Jonathan how she had got into an altercation with her husband and now felt bad for it. Suddenly Marie looks Jonathan square in the eyes and says “you know what I should do, I should go home with you and F**K your brains out.” Jonathan laughs and asks Marie “how many drinks have you had.”

“This is my forth – Why? I can handle it. I’ve been sitting here promising myself that I was going to take to bed, the first man that spoke to me, who didn’t work here. BINGO! That man is you – you’ve hit the jackpot. Now buy me another drink and then we’ll go back to your place. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me,” Jonathan replied. Finishing their drinks. Jonathan asks Marie if she was ready to leave. “You betchya,” Marie pipes, standing up just that little bit unsteady. Slapping Jonathan twice on the chest with the flat of her hand, she hollers “Woo ooh lets hit the road cowboy I’m gonna ride you like a bronco bull, so buckle up –  let’s get outa here!” Jonathan laughs taking her hand and leads her from the bar.

When they got to the house, Jonathan tells Marie to take off her shoes as his mother in law was babysitting and so they needed to be very quiet. Marie puts one finger to her lips in a shushing motion and give a light giggle.  Jonathan leads her to the bedroom.  He pulls Marie towards him as he heads towards the bed.  Marie slips her hand away from his and says “go sit on the bed I wanna do a little striptease for you.” Jonathan does as he was told and sits on the corner of the bed.  Marie begins to sway her hips as though dancing to some imaginary song only she can hear.

She sways and gyrate. Reaching behind her, pulls down the zipper of her clinging Black dress that hugs caressingly over every womanly curve on her body. She lets it fall off her shoulders on to the floor. Stepping out of the dress she kicks it towards Jonathan. It landed draped over his head. Without looking away he reaches up and pull the dress from his head to his nose and breathes in deeply and then lets it fall to the floor once more.  Marie is still dancing and twirling, in just her white lace bra and thong.

Moving closer to Jonathan she bends over and shakes her ass in his face. He reaches out, grabbing hold on each side of her hips, pulling her ass towards him. He bites her gently on her left butt cheek and smile when she gives out a little yelp in surprise at the assault on her buttock. The bulge in his pants now felt painful as it struggles to be free. Marie turns around and kneels in front of him. She reach for his zip and his member falls free with a light plop as it hits he stomach in it fight for freedom. Marie licks her lips like a cat who got the cream and purrs playfully.

She takes hold of Jonathan’s manhood and lowers her mouth onto him. She sucks hard moving her head back and forth getting into a steady rhythm running her tongue up and down his lengths as she sucked. Stopping at interval to concentrate on the head, sucking and rubbing her teeth across it. Then taking it all the way down into the back of her throat. Jonathan’s body kept rising from the bed trying to anticipate Marie motion. Moaning and groaning from the pleasure he is receiving.  He leans forward and undoes Marie’s bra. Lifting her from him, he pulls her closer so he could get her beautifully formed breasts to his mouth. Sucking hard on her nipples, as if for nourishment, with the gusto expected of a nursing infant.

Leaving her breasts Jonathan searches frantically to find her lips, when their mouths connected he drunk longingly from her lips while pinching and pulling on her pink hard nipples, first the left then the right – greedily as though wishing he had more hands. When his hand went to Marie very wet spot her juices were so warm on his hand. He became overwhelmed with the desire to taste this woman’s sweet spot.

Throwing her onto the bed he grabs impatiently at Marie thong. He spreads her legs and heads straight for her pink button with the precision of a heat seeking missile. Marie cries out with pleasures as Jonathan sucks and bites on her node, then moving to her pink vulva separating her lips with his fingers while slipping one finger in and out at the same time.  Marie is dizzy with pleasure Jonathan’s tongue works it magic and Marie starts to buck grabbing his head and holding it tight against her while she has the most mind altering orgasm ever. Coming all over his face.

She has to stifle her screams of ecstasy for fear of waking the household with her cries.  “Put it inside me I want to feel that big hard rod of manliness deep in my stomach. I want it hard. Don’t hold back.” Jonathan quickly shakes out of his clothes he climbs on top of Marie who opens up to him like a flower sucking him in, clamping on like a Venus flytrap closing around his tool and pinning him into place by wrapping her legs around him.  Jonathan groans Marie’s hot tight love nest had him good.  Gone was all thoughts of putting her on top and shagging her until the wee hours of the morning. He was far too excited and could feel his stomach churning and knew he was about to explode with colossal force.

Jonathan could feel Marie’s muscles tightening even more around his tool as she was reaching her own climax.  This was too much for him – he came long and hard with Marie reaching her peak at the same time. Their union was cosmic.  Jonathan fell on top of Marie covered in sweat and breathing hard.  Marie looked into his eyes and said sweetly you’re amazing, let’s never fight again.  Jonathan kiss Marie on the nose replying “after 9 years of marriage you’re still the sexist woman I know.”

By Lucee Lovett.

A story written on request by a dear friend.



I was a bad girl today
Master told me I need to be punished
Strip and lay on the bed on your back
I do as I am told…I want to be a good girl
I take off my white buster
then I take off my white thong
I lay on the bed on my back as ordered
Open you legs…that is what my Master told me
I obey…I want to be a good girl
Master puts his hand on my pussy
then he, rubs my pussy
You’ve been a bad girl…Pet
Time for your punishment
Master puts his hand deep inside my pussy
In and out…in and out
Then he removes hand
Master kneels down put his face next to my pussy
Then he sniffs
Then I feel his tongue
Licking the outside of my pussy
Slowly Master goes from the left to the right
Back and forth.
I lay there wanting so desperately to grab his head and buck my hips,
but I stay still, tortured
Then he opens my labia with his hands
Then he licks me
Slowly at first then he speeds up
Sucking me harder and harder
He manoeuvre to my Clitoris
Yes, Master…
His tongue is sweet torture
This is what I wanted all day
His tongue knows exactly what to do
Just when I was about to climax
My Master stops,
What the hell no!!! Please I need more
Master looks as me am said “I know, pet”
I lay there aching for Master to continue
But he doesn’t…Get dress pet
Time to go out for dinner with our friends
I get dress then we have dinner with our friends
I want so desperately to pleasure myself
Under the table and cum so badly
But I am forbidden
This is going to be a long night. Damn

By Ruby Bent

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