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Love Hurts

From “Love Hurts,” unpublished m/s: By Chloe Thurlow

We kiss. He sucks my bottom lip.
‘I love your lips,’ he says.
‘They’re only lips,’ I reply.
But, of course, it isn’t true. My lips are my best and worst quality. They suck in compliments and irritation. They are lips that exaggerate sometimes. Lips that tell lies sometimes. A woman’s lips. Lips that pout and sulk and pucker. Lips that move with a will of their own. Men see my moist lips and imagine the moist places they can’t see. I read minds. I know what they are thinking and know behind their words are other meanings, as there are just as often behind my own.

The Ecover of 'Whats in the Box' book 2 of the 13 Doors series

The Ecover of ‘Whats in the Box’ book 2 of the 13 Doors series

Excerpt From book two ‘What’s In The Box’:

Adam left the room and closed the door.  He suddenly felt weak; he fell back against the door. His erection was subsiding. Wow, he thought what just happened, he was shell shocked.  He felt sure he would burn in hell for feeling the way he did.  His thoughts went to his wife and how her face had looked radiant when she was being serviced. She had never looked more beautiful.  He sighed; he has never seen that look on her face when they were making love.  He loved the way she looked and he wanted to see it again.  He recalled how the man had slipped his fingers in and out of his wife while his tongue sucked and pulled on her sensitive spot. He felt himself growing hard again, he checked himself, was he really feeling turned on by the thoughts of another man being intimate with his wife.  At that moment Adam came to a decision…….


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