Lucee Lovett’s Review of Bliss – by Spencer Dryden

Bliss is a strong thought provoking emotional intensifying story. A tale people can and will identify with; in the varied issues that move this remarkable piece forward. It leaves your senses emotionally stimulated with the array of characters served to stir the imagination. The main characters are: Christina a wife and mother, a savvy businesswoman who think on her feet, to the detriment of those who dare to test her bulldog spirit. Then there is Christina’s husband, Ben. A man proud to be a stay at home dad and because of this; recognise and sympathise with the plight of the female homemakers of the world. Also somebody I would do a swan dive after trampling on the heads of other women including his wife Christina; ending in a rugby tackle to the ground to claim him for myself. Last but by no means least; we have Pastor Dale Wheland, a charismatic man of God whose actions are far from Godlike nor even remotely Christian. These three very strong characters made for a very strong and compelling story. I bought this book for the starter and ending up with a three-course meal. Very enjoyable and a worthwhile read. My compliments to the chef. I am giving this book five stars.