Lucee Lovett’s Review of Revealed, The Entwined Series Book 2

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I’m going to begin by venting a little. When I got the book Revealed Book 2 of the Entwine Series I was excited after reading the first book. I was eager to see how book two would follow. Having falling madly in love with the authors. At no time was it my intention to compare the two books. Unfortunately human natures, being what it is has prevailed. I just can’t help myself and so I have too. I loved the lead up to the story of book one and felt that each pathway taken by the lead character brought with it something new and intriguing. Subconsciously I must have been hoping for the same thing. However I was mistaken.

The book contain the same opening for the four stories to unfold. Then each story travelled solo and was written to completion by the individual authors. However I could not connect with the lead character, who I felt was weak from the beginning.  I found this feeling had not changed no matter which version of the book I read. The location was a tad obvious and may have help to cement this notion. That said this book was propelled forward by the talent and creative thinking of the authors connected with it creation.

Although I didn’t connect to the lead and a few of the other characters for that matter. The stories told around them were well structured, innovative and beautifully written. I was forced to keep on reading and wanted to know what was going to happen next. That feeling never left me once no matter which story I was reading. Odd I know, as it almost always said that the reader needs to connect to the characters for the full enjoyment of a book. Well let me tell you. In my subjective opinion this book is the exception to the rule.

I was swept away by the ideas beautifully crafted and created by the stories and was able to substitute the main character just from the way they were written. Probably due to the fact they were written in the first person. I don’t know if this was the intention of the authors. What I do know is I basked in the world put forward by each of them.  I don’t believe in spoilers as I feel it takes away the anticipation and atmosphere from the reader. Which is something I will never do. Nevertheless, I would invite the reader to expect: erotic time travel and blue people; a masquerade ball leading to an interesting encounter; influencing artefacts of an erotic nature and boots from the past that tell a very erotic history.

I enjoyed each story equally, although if I was forced to choose a favourite it would be Desires of the flesh. I chose this one as it was the one I felt the deepest connection. Also it’s the last story I read, therefore the most prominent in my memory. I would definitely read any future books from this series.

Being an author myself I’m not going to tell anyone how to present their work that would be rude. However the question on my lips is – if you have a winning formula why would you change it???

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