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I like to clean

I like to clean – by Lucee Lovett

“Hola, I’m Miguel the agency sent me. They said you need cleaner.” I stand there as both husband and wife, stare at me curiously. The husband is sizing me up to see if maybe I’m a threat to the relationship between him and his wife. The wife does not hide her admiration of my looks and physique. I feel both are wondering why I’m not a male model instead of cleaner. I know this as this question is put to me every-time.   I answer; I like to clean.

I hear them arguing in next room it is obvious the husband does not want a male cleaner. But I think the wife feel safer with a man cleaner. I feel she is worried – her husband works from home on his books. Maybe she feels woman cleaner is temptation for him. I shake my head, is she not aware; this is the twenty first century. Man woman what does it matter anyway?

I hear her ask who will pay for cleaner, no him. This is obvious as he remains quiet when she says this. I hope they settle things quick.  ‘Time is money,’ they say. I have lots of women, da wait for me.  I provide a special kind of service. I know they like how I clean, because I’m – how you call? ‘Thorough.’ Ah yes that is the right word ‘thorough’ I like the sound it makes.

Their voices is quiet now, I think maybe the husband he back-down. The couple come back to room. The husband he look at me strange. The wife, she smile tell me come tomorrow and start work. She ask me about uniform – I tell I her I have special way I clean; I don’t need uniform.

I start work early, the wife she no home. I get naked and start on my list to clean. The husband he comes out of study. I greet him. “Where are you clothes,” he ask. I work free of garments I tell him.  He looks at my body for long time. His eyes keep going back to my cock. I see that look in his eyes again. He tell me come to his study.

He say Miguel you fuck with man before. “Si I fuck man – I fuck Woman,” before I know, he is on his knees – my cock grows in his mouth. Husband suck cock like pro me-think.  “Your cock is magnificent, fuck my ass.” He is bend on table trousers round ankle. I spit in my hand and rub my cock. “Use this,” he give me lube. I grease my cock then his ass. I show no mercy as I enter him roughly. He cries out then he start to moan and move with me. I ride him hard.

We are stuck like this when wife walks in. I look at wife, but I no stop. Husband tries to move but I hold him steady. I ride him until I come. Wife she beat my back screaming she will call the agency. She says she will make sure, I no work anyone ever again.

I look at her and smile. I release husband to get dress.

“I no need money… I rich man, who like to clean and fuck.”

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Unbound is a remarkable and interesting book. At first I didn’t think I would like travelling through 4 different pathway to the same story. How wrong was I? Unbound took me on an erotic journey with the lead character Charity McCormick. Charity is a divorcee who is at a stage where she is not sure what she wants out of life. She’s been married had a lover and now she wants something more… Which is given to the readers by 4 exceptional authors: Debra Hyde, Lacey Michaels, Cecilia Tan and Lissa Trevor . Each writer takes you through an alternative adventure experienced by Charity. The beautiful thing is you get to choose which path Charity’s life will take. I was so captivated by each pathway I read them all and was thoroughly entertained and lost in a varied world of eroticism. I was hook from beginning to end. It was so well written by all 4 authors I was unable to say which pathway I liked more. They were all riveting. A fantastic read. 5 stars.

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