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Just One Wish

I’ve finally finished all my chores for today. Living in a house full of men, sucks. Their expectations is for me to be cook, cleaner and washing machine on auto pilot and still bring home a wage. My life sucks. They just sit around playing their computer games, watching sports, passing wind and shouting orders: Where’s, my dinner, my beer, my socks, the remote – Have you seen my-this or my-that. Don’t men have eyes too?  Sure see good enough to watch the match and play with their toys. One day things are going to be different up in here.

She comes to the lake looking troubled every day. Yet this time it’s different, she looks desperate. Maybe now is the time for me to make my move, break this accursed fate. “Hello my dear,” I called from the concealment of the bushes. I saw fear in her eyes. “Please don’t be afraid, I’m a troll and I live here. I see you every day. Today you look so sad. I had to break my silence.” I saw the fear replaced by curiosity.

“Come out, let me see you!”

“I’m afraid the sight of me may frighten you away. I’m not a pretty sight.”

“Let me be the judge of that.”

“Okay, here goes,” tentatively I moved the branches and step forward. She tried to hide the recoil in her eyes. “It’s fine, I know how people see me that’s why I live here.” Her eyes soften. I see empathy. Moving closer, “tell me what’s wrong.” Years of frustration came pouring out in one afternoon. We met every day for 6 months. Her moaning about her life; me listening.

Finally I pluck up the nerves to tell her, “I can help you change your life.”

“How can you?”

“If you make love to me I can grant you one wish. I can give you a potion that will make the ordeal a lot easier, if you’d like – sorry maybe the thought…”

“No, I’ll think on it.”

Things must have been particularly bad as she came trumping up to me demanding the potion. She was naked in a flash.

Legs wide open, she bawled “come on then what are you waiting for – I want that damn wish.”

Naked cock in hand, my heart soared. The potion was working she was dripping and started without me. Grabbing hold of me with her pussy-juice dripping from her fingers, throwing me to the ground her pussy engulf me I could feel my cock hitting her centre, she rode me like a wild bull. As she rode me hard – I transformed into the man I use to be while she was still on top of me lock in her own pleasure. As the effects of the potion subsided so did her lust.

“You have one wish, use it wisely.”

  • “I thought I wanted to live as a man… Now, I wished you’d marry me and get me the fuck away from this hell-hole.”

Plain Jane

She stared out of her window at the school across the street, it’s that time. The feeling of emptiness inside was overwhelming. She watched as the mothers collected their children from the classrooms.  How happy their little faces appear when they see their mothers.  She noticed a young mother from the corner of her eyes carrying a baby in a harness strapped across her back. Its little hand strokes her face and she smiled down at him then kissed his little fingers every one of them. She sighed; how fulfilling that must be for the mother she mused. If only…

Gazing at her refection, sighing heavily – she declared in earnest she’d sell her soul to be beautiful. Instantly, there’s a knock at the door. It’s a tall-dark-handsome-stranger. “I’m here to accept your offer” he smiled showing perfect teeth, clipboard and contract in hand.

“What offer?”

“Your soul for beauty.”

“I want to be beautiful and irresistible to all men, even you – I want the power to pick, choose and refuse safely without stalkers or hangers on. I want to call the shots without risk to my safety. I want men to admire me and shower me with gifts. Most importantly, I must only be able to copulate with men from the highest gene pool.”

The handsome-stranger yawns “Is that it?”

“No, I want to be able to call you at any time. Now that’s it.”

The contract lists her requests verbatim. Grabbing her hand, he pricked her finger “sign here.”

“But I haven’t read the small print.” A small drop of blood lands on the paper – her signature appeared.

“You can read it now it’s yours,” shoving the page into her hand.

12-months has passed and 98 men. Now financially secured yet she was still not pregnant. She began to think she would never experience life growing inside her or little fingers against her cheeks. She had read the small-print; ‘soul redeemable in 24 months or after seducing100 men which-ever came first – LIFE changes everything.’

Picking up her receiver she dialled 666. The door opened and the handsome-stranger came in “What do you want?”

“I want you to make love to me as if I were your one true love.”

He started to protest but is captivated by her beauty. Naked, he stood before her. He is everything she imagined – rock hard body and generously proportioned. His sweet kisses and warm lips around hardened nipples sent shockwaves throughout her body – she’s wet and ready to receive him deep inside. She begged him to enter, her body hungry for his seed. Locked in his fiery embraces; his orgasm rocks her to the core. She stays motionless in his embrace not wanting the moment to end.

His number on speed dial – she calls him every night for 3 months.

It’s the 24th month. The door opens, it’s the handsome-stranger – there is a debt-to-be-paid.  She is smiling up at him as the child strokes her face. “Say hello to daddy.”

mother and child

Mr Know-It-All

Mr Know-it-all – by Lucee Lovett

“Have you heard the news, him next door has lost his voice – on quiz night too,” I said smiling leaning on the back fence while pointing my head in the direction of the neighbouring fence on the opposite side. “Really! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.” We both laughed at that statement. “I wonder how Mr Know-it-all is going to solve that problem. His wife was over earlier saying he sent her out to buy some kind of New-age remedy. Let’s see how that pans out for him.” We laughed again.

Mr Know-it-all’s wife was tapping frantically at my window. I opened the door and let her in. Her face was smeared from her tears. “I can’t go home if I can’t find that blasted remedy he keeps harping on. I’ve tried everywhere I can think of but no one stocks it. He won’t believe me – tells me not to come back without it. I don’t know what to do!” I told her I’ve heard of this New-age mini-store just outside of town that sells all sorts of herbal remedies. I grabbed my coat and we headed off.

Entering the store, she told the owner Mr Know-it-all’s problem. She was given a package and instructions for use; she quickly read the instructions and smiled. Armed with her purchase she returned home.   Two hours later, she’s at my door with a big grin. “How is Mr Know-it-all? – got his voice back yet?”

“I gave him the package and I told him to read the instructions first,” she said, handing me the instructions which read:

Please read the instructions fully before beginning treatment.

  1. Shave your wife’s pussy.
  2. Wash and rinse the shaved area, concentrating on the areas between her legs.
  3. Find her clitoris and rub continuously until erect, slipping your finger into her pussy periodically.
  4. Smear the content of the sachet over and between the shaved areas.
  5. For maximum effect, ensure you apply a generous amount to her clitoris and G-spot.
  6. Using your tongue lick and suck the cream off all the areas where applied.
  7. Give more consideration to her clitoris while massaging her G-spot.
  8. If done correctly this will cause your wife to orgasm.
  9. Drink every drop, try not to waste any.
  10. With a warm damp cloth wipe the sticky mess off your wife’s pussy.

             You have successfully completed the treatment

Steps 1-10 will surely provide your wife with immense sexual pleasure as the banana and eucalyptus flavoured cream is a natural herbal clitoris and G-spot stimulator.  If you have read the instructions fully you will find the treatment for your lost voice at the back of these instructions. Enjoy.

Mrs Know-it-all continues, “Let’s just say I’m as bald as an egg.”

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